Surgeon medical education is one of the most important aspects for a country like India. With a rapidly growing medical devices market, and increase in the number of surgeons entering specialised operative fields, need to good quality healthcare is of utmost importance. One way to ensure healthcare quality is to have have highly qualified and trained surgeons.
We at OmniMed have identified this need and over the years have build a professional training program for surgeon in the filed of Orthopaedics. As there are difference surgeons with varying experties, we customise the training program as per the need, be it a beginner or skilled surgeon trying to build expertise in specific areas. We work with the top surgeon in their field to help in the training process.
The standard training format has the below:
1. Theoretical Training
2. Bone Model - Hands-on
3. Observership
4. Cadarer Training
5. Assisting Surgeries

We hold training for India surgeon as well as surgeons from outside of India. The process to initiate training for International surgeons is a bit longer as all MCI (Medical Council of India) rules and guidelines have to be adhered to.

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