Compex Mi and Compex Wireless innovations

Innovation - the responsibility of a leader
Electrostimulation and muscle intelligenceā„¢ , created by research laboratories, an exclusive and revolutionary technology, Compex, muscle intelligenceā„¢ automatically personalizes the stimulation settings depending on the physiology of each user. It is this systematic personalization that makes for a more comfortable and hence more efficient workout. Thanks to the mi-sensor miniature sensor a new world of precision and effectiveness has opened up in your workout sessions.
Twenty-five years after the launch of the original Compex, the sports community entered a revolutionary era of unlimited possibilities in electrostimulation for existing and new electrostimulator users alike.

For the first time, professional electrostimulation for sports purposes is transferred without the use of wires.
COMPEX Wireless is the first wireless electro muscle stimulator (EMS) in the world that offers profestrainingsional, safe and effective muscular contraction while using wireless technology. For current electrostimulation users, this finally takes away the last hurdle for regular, comfortable use. COMPEX Wireless has no limits in time and place of use, in frequency, in performance, in online support and in product design. In the sports community, this is the first device in the world that offers wireless electrostimulation for a complete workout, before, during and after.