One of the core areas of focus for OmniMed is Innovation. In that effect, OmniMed had launched the Innovation Centre. The main focus of this initiative is to bring ideas into reality. We work with the medical fraternity, who over the years has built a repository of ideas for products. Some ideas would be just for their unique requirement, but the ones, which have a more general or mass appeal are the ideas we have the ability to bring to reality. Once we understand the concept behind the idea, we conduct a survey with companies and the medical community to understand if the idea actually solves one  more of the following:

1. Improves surgery outcome
2. Reduces surgery time
3. Reduces cost of manufacturing of product
4. Reduces inventory

Once the above is conducted and positive results are achieved, we move into the below broadly defined system. We conduct every step mentioned below in conjunction with the innovator as well as an internationally reputed Educational Institute.

We believe that innovation can come from anywhere. If we provide the right platform to innovators, with structured systems and processes, an innovation can be made into a reality and help in betterment of society as a whole. Following this principle, we are currently working on multiple new ideas and concepts and have also filed one patent and in the process of filing the second patent as well.


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