The Empi Phoenix Device:                             

The Empi Phoenix multifunctional electrical stimulation device is designed to simplify rehabilitation for all aspects of the recovery cycle.  
Four Pre-set Electrotherapy Programs:
1. Two Programs to Treat Muscle Atrophy — Muscles may weaken (or atrophy) as a result of injury or surgery, preventing you from moving as well as you should. Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) sends an electrical signal to your muscles, causing them to flex. Scientific studies have shown that the use of NMES after surgery provides statistically meaningful improvements in certain measures of strength and function(1)
2. One Program to Manage Pain — Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) delivers mild electrical impulses to your peripheral nervous system to help release your body’s natural endorphins, reducing the perception of pain. These natural morphine-like substances block pain messages from reaching the brain, similar to conventional drug therapy but without the dangerous side effects.
3. One Program to Reduce Swelling — Swelling may prevent you from moving properly. Pulsed Net DC electrotherapy is designed to increase circulation in a targeted area. Increased circulation may help reduce swelling.
Electrotherapy devices require the use of electrodes on skin to deliver stimulation. The device can be used with regular wires and electrodes or with a conductive garment accessory.


The Empi Phoenix Conductive Garment: Easy, accurate and effective application
The Empi Phoenix Conductive Garment makes it simple to apply neuromuscular stimulation to re-educate the quadriceps; proper electrode placement is clearly marked to ensure accurate application.  Advanced design keeps it securely in place. The garment is intended for use with the muscle stimulation programs on the Empi Phoenix device (P1 and P2).