The Services OmniMed Provides can be broadly categorised as below:

1. Distribution
2. Equipment Servicing & Rental Service
3. Manufacturing
4. Innovation Centre

Above mentioned are Four pillars that OmniMed stands on. Currently, the core business that we focus on is Distribution. OmniMed and Everest Medical Technologies combine experience in Distribution in Orthopaedic products is 18 years. Over the years we have build our own capabilities as well leveraged on strategic partnerships to develop a robust distribution network across Western India. Our aim is to develop all India distribution network for some key products available in the market.

Equipment Servicing and Rental services have developed over the years to address market and customer needs. Being in arthroscopy space these services are critical in building customer confidence and sustained customer relation.

OmniMed ventured into Manufacturing of medical products to fill a gap in the India medical devices market, i.e. provide international quality products at a reasonable price. We are very critical of the products we manufacture and want to ensure every aspect as these products affect surgeon outcomes and patients lives. In second half of 2015 we will launch some of our manufactured products, which have been under development and testing for the past one year.

The last pillar of OmniMed is also the most important one for future growth and sustainability. Innovation Centre is a dream project to realise the potential of India medical fraternity and engineering ability. We are currently working with KOL's as well as internationally reputed educational institutes to develop medical devices as well as implants that help provide solutions to some of the pressing concerns with current systems. We have currently applied for one patent and are in the process of applying for the second patent shortly.